Off the Streets Surf

30 Days | OtSS Level Access

The Deep End Fitness (DEF) Surfer Off the Street (OTS) program is designed for surfing athletes looking for a supplement training solution to their ocean time / surf regimen. When the surf is flat we can train our bodies in the pool to perform in the big surf. This program gives a basic understanding of Deep End Fitness’s methodology of building mental strength, endurance, speed, recovery, CO2 tolerance, VO2 max, and lung capacity in and out of the water. This program builds upon the UTL fundamentals of being an underwater athlete: (FREE) Focus, Relaxation, Economy of Motion, and Efficient Breathing during training. It is recommended to always train with a partner and implementing the buddy system while training subsurface, this program was specially designed to be done with a partner to maximize the benefits.


The Deep End Fitness Program was developed incorporating techniques, procedures, and fitness training methodology by staff with experience from special operations water survival training, multiple fitness certifications, real-life experiences, and professional athletes. This has been the underground yet, official training platform for UTL since its inception.


The Surf OTS is a 3 day a week training program intended to complement and enhance the current athlete’s rigorous program focusing on breath work and recovery, allowing your muscles, joints, and ligaments to recover while pushing your mental capacity. This doesn’t mean you have to do all three workouts every week. We want to hit a minimum of 1 training session a week to maintain progression.


Note: Athletes must be able to fully conduct the DEF screener to maximize this program.


DEF Screener:
1. 10min Water Tread
2. 25m Brick Tow
3. Mask Retrieval
4. 25m Underwater Crossover (UWC)


Suggested equipment: 30lb Dumbbells or a close variation of weight, dive brick or rubberized 10lb weight.