Military Prep

30 Days | MP Level Access

DEF Military Prep Program is designed for the individuals developing water skills, strength, and endurance to significantly increase their chances of success in advanced military training. This program will focus on building strength, muscle endurance, speed, CO2 tolerance, and lung capacity/VO2 in and out of the water.


This program is not a beginner program, the athlete should have a solid base of fitness and water training prior to conducting this program. Athletes should be able to fully conduct the UTL screener prior to starting this program.

UTL Screener:
1. 10min Water Tread
2. 25m Brick Tow
3. Mask Retrieval
4. 25m Underwater Crossover (UWC)


The Deep End Fitness Program was developed incorporating techniques, procedures, and fitness training methodology by a staff with experience from special operations water survival/dive training, multiple fitness certifications, and most importantly real-life experience training thousands of people over the past 10 years. This has been the underground yet, official training platform for UTL since its inception.


SAFE – Slow and easy movements, Apply natural buoyancy, Full Lung Inflation, Extreme Relaxation

FREE – Focus, Relaxation, Economy of Motion, Efficient Breathing


SAFETY: All UTL training is to be conducted under the supervision of a lifeguard and/or a fully trained and qualified safety instructor, at a minimum a buddy/guardian is required to any underwater training.


GB: Ground Based

Week 1
1. Power Endurance and Stamina
2. Strength and Muscle Endurance GB
3. Speed and Agility
4. Power Endurance and Stamina GB
5. Strength and Muscle Endurance
6. Active Recovery
7. Rest Day


Week 2
8. Strength and Muscle Endurance
9. Speed and Agility GB
10. Power Endurance and Stamina
11. Strength and Muscle Endurance GB
12. Speed and Agility & Benchmark Workout
13. Active Recovery
14. Rest Day


Week 3
15. Power Endurance and Stamina
16. Strength and Muscle Endurance GB
17. Speed and Agility
18. Power Endurance and Stamina GB
19. Strength and Muscle Endurance & Benchmark Workout
20. Active Recovery
21. Rest Day


Week 4
22. Speed and Agility
23. Power Endurance and Stamina GB
24. Strength and Muscle Endurance
25. Speed and Agility GB
26. Power Endurance and Stamina & Benchmark Workout
27. Active Recovery
28. Rest


1. Kettle Bells (KB) and/or Dumb bells (DB), preferably a good range between 26-53 pounds but the workouts can be done with any weight. Tailor the weight to your fitness level.
2. Military Utilities (blouse and trousers) – used for rucking and swimming
3. Fins
4. Dive Brick or Rubberized Weight approx. 10lbs