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General Questions?

Welcome to Deep End Fitness!

I am Don, one of the lead instructors of Deep End Fitness (DEF), I would like to open up the forum to any questions that you guys all have about our training methodology, experiences we have had training with the program, or just any general questions you might have about DEF . We are extremely excited to launch this forum and portal to help athletes all over the world get one step closer to their fitness goals, whether that be increasing your overall water confidence, training for an upcoming fight, increasing your endurance, or training for the a special program in the military.

Our instructors have gained their knowledge and experience from real life application through instructing as fitness and/or water survival instructors. The instructors come from waterman and fitness communities such as the military special operation forces, ocean lifeguards, professional athletes, and a variety of different style fitness instructors.



Can we find DEF classes in the Boston area? Or anywhere in New England?

We are coming to NYC to run a Deep End Fitness demo for men's health on Sept 6th!


Hello, I’m looking for training in San Diego, how do I go about finding times, place, and fees.

Looking to enroll in the Military prep workout in december, I have a set of rocket fins ready to go. however, I have booties for foot wear. Any recommendations on what I need for the fining portion?